Speaking about trench coats the other day (don’t forget to check out my 10 favorites!) and how it really is a must-have this SS-season I have to admit it’s time to invest in one myself. I’ve had a couple of trench coats in both black and beige, even red(!), but I haven’t been into them for a while now and the trench-trend has kind of changed since I bought mine. So, I’m considering the trench-options, that are quite a few, but one thing I’m sure of; it have to be a modern one. Or actually an old classic with a modern touch. I want it wide, without a belt (or at least one that can be taken off), long (if possible floor-length) and with a single collar. Sounds like the one I’m wearing right? Well, maybe. I mean yes, It just have to be my own (a little bit smaller and longer). Until I find my soulmate I’ll use my boyfriends vintage Burberry. Isn’t it just a dream? I mean look at the smart button-collar, the hidden buttons and the wide shape. Maybe I should reconsider the thought of bying one?