The Travel Companion DENIM JACKET

Either you’re heading off to your favorite big city, a warm beach getaway or even a cabin in the woods or maybe by the sea; the only jacket you really need to have with you is a denim jacket. Why? Well, there is no jacket more wearable and suitable for any occasion – not to mention there is no jacket more practical to travel in and get around with. If there is a bit cold where you’re travelling from, style your denim jacket over a hoodie or a fine knit and when arriving to a warmer destination just pull it off, throw it over your shoulders or wrap it around your waist. You’ll not only solve the climate change ‘problem’ you’ll also get a totally new outfit – three actually, if you want! And what’s even better; the denim jacket models this season are so many (and SO good), so either you like your jacket to be classic, long, masculine or feminine, there is a new favorite out there for you. And belive us, you’ll love yourself for having it in your bag and you’ll love yourself even more if travelling in it. Gathered below is our 15 denim favorites – and no, we’re not making it easy for you too choose. There are just too many good ones out there, and we just need too many of them in our lives right now…
Dark grey denim jacket from Balenciaga, detailed denim jacket from Zara, wide denim jacket from Topshop Unique, denim jacket from H&M, raw denim jacket from Marni, denim jacket from A.P.C. Atelier de Production et de Création, detailed denim jacket from Miu Miu, black denim jacket from Acne Studios, long grey denim jacket from Mango, denim jacket from Wood Wood, denim jacket from H&M, denim jacket from Mango, raw denim jacket from KÉJI, beige denim jacket from H&M, denim jacket from H&M and black denim jacket from Mango.