My hair is simply just flat; boring? Yes, definitely sometimes, but it has made me curious, which is why I’m always looking for tools that can provide more volume (and belive me there is a lot of great tool out there!). The other day I discovered something genius as I was rediscovering Glitter; a store that is packed with handy and smart hair accessories! If you’re wishing for a thicker ponytail, looking for those small see- through rubber hair- ties (that can be so hard to find) or you’re just like me; want a quick and easy way to more voluminous hair, this is the place for you. They have everything and I just found my new volumizer favroite! The genius hair volumizer, shaped as a shoulder pad with a velcro on each side, is perfect to put in a hair knot or in places you want more volume (like at the back of your head). As the shape is quite flat, it gives a natural result with just the perfect amount of lift. The velcro sticks perfectly in my hair – which is kind of impressive as things usually just fall out of it. And the best part; the price is around 100 NOK, which is well spent money! Ps: Combine it with a dry shampoo, and some hair spray for an over-all lift.