The Dream Destination RIVA LOFTS FLORENCE

It’s official; we’ve booked tickets for Italy this summer – finally! I’ll (K) give you the whole route later, but until then I can say we’re driving from Rome, trough Tuscany, visiting a lot of both small and big cities, some in the the middle of Tuscany and others by the sea, before we head back to Rome and leave for Bosnia. One of the cities we’ll be visiting is of course Florence, which is also a part of this weeks dream destination!
We really wouldn’t mind spending two or three days at Rivas Lofts Florence; so Italian yet so modern and clean! We love how the father and daughter behind this gorgeous stay has taken care of the Italian lines and colors and mixed it up with modern details – not so strange when the father is a architect! We also want to mention the super central location, but still with a cozy and a bit hidden feel. Just imagine hanging in the garden after a whole day in the city. Yes, we’re really considering this one – and you should too if Florence is on your list!
When it comes to my travel bag it was already planned a bit, even when we still hadn’t booked the tickets. Now that we’re all booked-up, my bag is already packed! I can’t wait to wear long feminine dresses and sandals with a boxy heel, wide pants and cropped short sleeved shirts and wearing head scarfs and diva sunnies! Since we’ll be driving around a lot I’ll try my best to back as little as possible both because of the space, but also because of the shopping – hey, we’re talking Italy right!? Packing classic with a twist (some statement pieces ofc) and wearable shoes and bags are therefore the key and with all the timeless pieces that’ve got a modern touch this season, that won’t be a problem!

Pants from Mango, shirt from H&M, dress from Zara, bag from TRUSS, sandals from Miu Miu, scarf from Givenchy and sunglasses from Tom Ford.