The Killer Combo SATIN &amp DENIM

All-around looks are our BFFS the last couple of weeks, when running from work, to meetings, to dinners, to home, then some late night drinks! And one of our favorites at the moment is the dressed-up everyday combination when the super sophisticated material satin meets our everyday favorite denim. There is just no better way of elevating your work-uniform than by adding a satin piece that gives your look a delicate and exclusive touch in a second. And girls, this looks is a travel must-have when waisting time on changing is the last thing you want. Pack some heels in your bag and switch them out with the ballerinas/lofaers you’ll probably be wearing to this killer combo!
Blouse from H&M, jeans from Attico, high-heels from Balenciaga and earrings from Iosselliani.

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