We don’t know about you guys, but we’ve started planning our summer vacation a while ago and all the planning has kind of made us crave summer even more. A bit too much actually. You missing summer too? We know we are and we bet that counts for you as too. So what’s the best thing to do? Plan a little pre-vacay of course! Either it’s a week, a longer weekend or just two or three days, it doesn’t matter really, as long as we get that a couple of days away from home, work and routines – and a little more sun wouldn’t hurt. Getting the tickling travel feeling? Well, wait until you see these 5 dreamy (and really must-visit) Airbnb picks of ours. Only one thing left to say; pack your bags babes!
(Click on the name of the destination in bold and see the whole stay!)

If you love art, museums and architecture Hydra is the place to go. And when staying in this beautiful house you’ll have the whole Greek feeling. You know the colors, interior, the terrace and of course the most amazing flower trees!

Where do we even start? This place in Lazio is really something special. The villa is from the 14th century and the coolest thing ever; it has an underground cave! And if that didn’t convince you; it’s a pool and a jacuzzi inside the cave. Cool right?

Okey, so this place simply took our breath away. Look at that beautiful stone house and do we even have to mention the lake view? And the interior? No words needed. We dont know about you (and maybe it’s because George Clooney could be just around the corner) but we’d love sitting in that jacuzzi, just sipping some vine and waiting for George to stop by!

Looking for some tranquil days, just lying by a pool, reading your favorite book without any disruption? This place in Andalusia got you! Surrounded by fresh air, a beautiful view and an amazing oak forest, there is just nothing more to ask for.

Everything about this super modern house makes us want to just pack our bags and go there! Who wouldn’t? Just check out that gorgeous architecture (yes, + for the pool and the plants!) and the inside is kind of even better. After a long day at the beach, we really wouldn’t mind hanging around this pool with friends. Did we mention the beach very close?

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