We keep on asking some of our favorite IT-girls about their most needed products when traveling, either it’s a city getaway or a beach dream – and we really keep on learning some smart triks. Not to mention that our beauty wish list is getting kind of long. But we love it! And next out is the absolutely stunning Fashion Journalist and Digital Editor at, Sonia Uppal
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Kiehl’s butterstick is always with me in my make-up bag. This lip balm is moisturizing and nurturing at the same time, as well as being protective against dangerous UV-light. It contains lemon butter and coconut oil which feels just as delicious as it sounds.
I love the smell from Memo Paris and African Leather is my absolute favorite! It embraces my feminine side and reminds me of exotic holiday places, in other words a bottle of pure joy.

I always bring a sun bronzing powder and these days its all about the invisible bronzer powder from bareMinerals. This powder melts straight into your skin and gives perfect glow! The product contains small shimmery particles and therefore it can also be used as a highlighter.
Bobbi Brown is a queen of make-up and among her products I’m a big fan of her BB-cream (in the color dark). The cream melts into your skin, provides a light coverage, at the same time as being moisturizing and nurturing. In other words; a multi-product that replaces suncream , foundation and day cream. It is perfect for a beach holiday when you want a bit of coverage yet some sun on your skin.
I try to avoid too much make-up on holiday and luckily a bit of mascara does most of the work. I have tried numerous numbers, but I always return to Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay. It separates, gives fullness and volume like no other mascara, This is my true companion and I don’t go anywhere without it!