There are still approximately two months left till the summer vacation – for some of us even four, if traveling in August. In other words a city getaway is on it’s place in the nearest future. And since most of us are either traveling with boyfriends, husbands or family in the summer, we’re planning a bffs weekend getaway! You know, just to ‘get enough’ of each other before we get a short ‘summer break’ from one another. Shopping, sipping, eating and sipping some more; we’ve gathered 5 cities to visit with your girls for a weekend getaway – and this is why:

Porto is one of the oldest European centres – and the historic center is also a UNESCO world heritage site – which itself makes Porto worth the trip. But that’s not the only reason why you should visit the second largest city in Portugal. Porto is also the home of port wine. So if you and your bffs ever find yourselves there you have to go to the riverside Ribeira district and its many wine cellars. The rest you see.

This beautiful country is a must-see for so many reasons, but the breathtaking nature and the tranquil atmosphere is the main ones. Explore volcanoes, chill under the northern lights, trek through an ice cave or take a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. What more do you and your girls need when getting away from your guys?

When you think about a city vacation, Prague is usually not the first thing that pops up in your head, but it really should. Prague has a lot to offer for a girls weekend. There are a lot of big shopping malls, also a expensive shopping street Stare Mesto. You have spa on every corner and they Czechs are know for some of the best beer in Europe. Shopping, spa and amazing beer, 3-in-1, nothing else needed. Well, a little thing; Prague its relatively inexpensive as well!

Barcelona, Catelonias capitol, is also one of the most visited metropols in Europe, but for good reasons. The lively and hectic city has so much to offer when getting away in good company. You can visit plenty of killer cultural spots – like the wonderful Catedral Sagrada Família – go shopping in the bussy fashion street La Rambla or just have a drink in on one of the beautiful squares like Placa Reial. Or if you girls wan’t to be more local, there are a lot of hidden spots at the less known corners of the city; specialized restaurants, coffee shops, stores and of course galleries!

Naples is one of the ‘up and coming’ cities in Europe. It’s always been an important Italian city, but never has it been more interesting for the rest of the world as now – and we do see why! Not only is Naples on the UNESCO world heritage site (some says the archaeological treasures are among the world most impressive, with its palaces, castles and churches), it’s also a food metropol with some of the worlds best restaurants. Did you known Naples is known for Italy’s best Pizza (and yes, we can confirm! Visit Gino Sorbillo)? But, whatever you do (besides eating a too much pizza) don’t miss out walking around in the super tight streets at night, just exploring. You’ll find so much good!