(Contains sponsored products) The Easter holiday is over and we all know winter can be so hard on our skin, giving us a gusty, dry and pale face (at least that’s me). But that isn’t really the look you want for the rest of the season, is it?
A good facial mask can therefore be key; a boost for your skin and you – because let’s face it…what is more relaxing than putting on a good facial mask, getting into the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a good read? Personally, I love a good facial mask and earlier I have been writing about the super hydrating Origins drink up-intensive over night mask (which is still a big favorite). Here are three other gorgeous looking masks to try either you are still on holiday or staying at home.

This mask gives the perfect girls-night feeling and is designed for combination to oily skin with clogged pores. The mask comes in a delicate jar and smells wonderfully clean and natural. The skin feels softer and cleaner after using it just once, the final result (after one moth of regularly use) is said to be reduced visible pores and regained skin balance. I’m so excited to see!

My skin can be super dry, so a mask designed as a quick relief for thirsty skin is perfect for me. The mask is paraben free and it is also tested on sensitive skin. This mask comes in a similar beautiful design as the Vichy clay mask, smells so fresh and has a soft consistency which melts into your skin. My skin looks much more hydrated and more glowing after just using it once. The final result after using the mask for a month is said to be a more supper, regenerate and rebalanced skin, and I’m all in after this promising start.

I haven’t tried this mask, but it just sounds so great: absorbing excess sebum, hydrating and calming you skin, perfect! The mask is filled with pro-vitamin A, C and E and is said to give you a fresh and youthful-looking skin. A favorite among beauty bloggers, that I can´t wait to try!