As most of you might have noticed on my Instagram, I’ve been finding myself in Serbia (my hometown Valjevo to be specific) the past week. Easter, family dinners, night-outs and coffees in town (a lot of them!). A getaway to Serbia is super casual – we balkans love the tranquil life, LOVE it! There is nothing like hanging around with good friends and family, going from one café to another. But we’re also quite restless, especially we that are visiting our old homes. No minute should be wasted; after visiting all our favorite spots at daytime, we head directly out to our so called ‘kafane’ (local balkan bars). In other words getting dressed here is all about ‘go-to’ and ‘all-around’, finding the balance between casual yet dressed-up so you’re always ready. So if you’re heading to Serbia – or a place similar – in the nearest future this is what I’d recommend you to back. This is what you’d find in my suitcase:

A suitcase is super season based, but there are of course some garments you’ll always find in my suitcase and two of them one white and one black t-shirt. There is just no garment like a classic tee! It’s simply just perfect in any occasion, both day and night time, depending on your styling. Worn with jeans and sneakers, ski pants and heels or under a slip-dress; a t-shirt is always a good idea.

While down here there has been (or there has naturally been created) two favorite day looks that I’ve been playing with, changing and adding details. When knowing late night drinks ain’t an option, there is nothing like going all casual in some wide mommy jeans and a t-shirt or a collage sweater underneath a denim jacket. Vary your down part by changing the color of your jeans and voilà a whole new look!
The other favorite of mine – especially when knowing there won’t be much time for changing before hitting the ‘kafane’ – has been ski pants, a white tee, loafers and the blue denim jacket or a long suede leather coat (see below) on top. The ski pants simply adds a playful touch to the look and makes just enough dressed-up for the balkan night-life as well as it’s perfect for a city stroll.

When having time to change-up the game before heading out, a definite favorite at the moment is the slip dress. Combined all alone is maybe perfect for summer and probably another place than little Valjevo, where it can feel a bit too much even though it isn’t, but when styled with a casual tee (preferably a casual and oversized one) or if it’s a bit chilly with some tone-in-tone ski pants, you have the nigh-look. Add a chunky necklace or some earrings and you’re ready to go.

When in debt or just don’t know what to wear a blazer – even in casual Balkan – is the super savior! Make sure to pack the one blazer that has the little extra (either it’s the seams, buttons or collar) so it makes your look only by putting it on. This classic one with visible seams and a quite feminine shape makes a perfect jacket for daytime and a killer top when worn alone for night time.

As mentioned Balkan is all about the casual dressing, which also makes a couple of jeans your must-pack. Gray, white, light blue, raw denim or black; you’ll need at least three of them to switch between while down here. I’ve been wearing jeans approximately every single day while here; especially a pair of white loose fitted jeans and some dark gray boyfriend favorites of mine. Denim can never go wrong down here, but they can easily make you feel boring, so make every look feel different with your details.

Choosing the right footwear to pack is probably one of the most important things when packing and that applies for Serbia too. Even though we LOVE switching from one café to another, we have to get around and we do it by feet! So as well as looking good, the shoes you pick to join you have to be comfy as well.

The shoes I’ve been wearing the most while here has for a change not been sneakers. These loafers from Stockholm Design Group simply has it all; the all-around look that makes them perfect for any occasion as well as they’re comfy! Not to mention loafers are THE spring choice since the weather (even here) isn’t super stabile. The night’s can be quite chilly and there is nothing worse than cold feet.

But even though loafers has been the number one shoes this time, I never travel here without some good sneakers – and by good I mean comfy and wearable. My favorites at the moment are my Célines and no wonder why; as well as being the most comfy shoes I’ve ever had, they’re wearable as no other sneakers thanks to their quirky shape, delicate color and beautiful leather that makes them perfect for both casual daywear and elegant nightwear.

Usually spring in Serbia is just super hot (aka. Norwegian summer), but this time it’s been both super hot, rainy and a bit cold, just like my favorite app YR told me before leaving, which is why I packed two jackets this time; a long suede coats and my new favorite denim jacket; both casual yet perfect to dress up for a night out. The coat adds a sophisticated touch to any day-look as well as being super chic while worn over a slip-dress or an all black look for night time.

When it comes to the denim jacket, it’s already a season favorite and as mentioned earlier in this post it can be worn in so many ways; both all buttoned-up, opened and off-shoulders, depending on the occasion. I’ve been doing all its looks while down here and every outfit has been totally different with the same jacket.

And last, but not least the smallest things in the suitcase, still the most outfit-lifting things; the details. When traveling I’m not the one packing details that’ll be worn once, I’m packing those details that can be worn all day every day, yet still lift every outfit. At the moment there are four pieces that I trust the most; the chunky silver hoops (below), a statement silver necklace and the golden duo above.