We all have that make-up thing, that we just don’t do. Some with good reason – like my friend who wakes up with such a bright and calm under-eye area that it makes her look like she is about to join the Bright Eyes club.
When she told me that someone tried to sell her something called “concealer” (she had no ide what that was) I just laughed. Anyways, my thing is rouge. It is not that I don’t need it, it’s just that my strive has always been a more tanned look. Therefore I have always felt that pink just made me look either burned or overheated by the sun. In other words; finding the right color, the right amount of product and just making it look natural can be so hard. But no matter where I look, and in almost every single make-up tutorial, they all seem to return to rouge…So, I’ve decided to revisit this old friend, simply because it’s too beautiful when it works, emphasising the eyes and giving such a fresh and natural finish. Going all in? Of course! Here are THE 4 new blushes we want in our beauty bags now:
Rouge from NARS, cushion blusher from Artdeco, rouge from YSL and bronzing blusher from Artdeco.
Top photo: David Cohen de Lara