(Affiliate) We officially have a new favorite travel uniform; the tracksuit! Yes, the ‘old style’ tracksuit that you never though anyone would wear ever again (except people from Balkan). Even though we LOVE dressing-up for a travel, sometimes there is just nothing better than just going all casual and comfy. We’re not saying that dressed-up can’t be comfy – because it definitely can – but let’s be honest, there is nothing more comfy than sports- and loungewear. And the best part is, it doesn’t have look all only-ment-to-be-worn-at-home.
The all time favorites like Adidas, Nike and Champion has updated their classics, as well as a couple of High-end brands has taken tracksuits to new levels – some even a bit elegant if that’s even okey to say? Not to mention everything depends on the styling – even when it comes to the tracksuit. For an all laid-back look combine your tracksuit with a pair of Converse and a denim jacket. If you don’t feel like showing all dressed-down in public wear your tracksuit with a long coat and some platform sneakers or maybe some simple slippers and a oversized tote.

This (above) is how we’d do the tracksuit uniform and gathered below are some of our favorite sets to make the ultimate tracksuit travel uniform for your next trip! (Buy your favorites directly through the links below).
Sweatshirt from Calvin Klein Underwear, track pants from Calvin Klein Underwear, tracksuit from Olivia Von Halle, sweatshirt from Sandro, track pants from Sandro, sweatshirt from Zara, track pants from Zara, sweatshirt from N.Peal Cashmere, track pants from N.Peal Cashmere, hooded sweatshirt from Skin, track pants from Skin, hooded sweatshirt from H&M, track pants from Mango, hooded sweatshirt from H&M, track pants from H&M, sweatshirt from Zara and track pants from Zara.