The Dream Destination FALKENBERG

(Affiliate) At the moment (with the snow suddenly coming back in town) we feel the need to treat ourselves with a weekend getaway someplace not too far away and not to expensive. You know just to feel like getting away from the cold and we found the perfect place to make us forget the snow ever fell; Falkenberg Beach Hotelin Sweden. With it’s stunning location on the beach, the relaxing environment and amazing spa, there is just nothing else we need the weekend(s) to come. The only thing you need to to is back your most super comfy bag and surprise your man/women with a spontaneous road trip to total relaxation.
Speaking about the travel bag; the only things we need for a weekend like this is the things that’ll make us feel good, casual and comfy. Pack your favorite loungewear (or invest in this delicate must-have below), a bikini, maybe some sports wear if a workout or two is on your list and some good body and skin products that both you and your partner will appreciate – not to mention your skin. And yes we have some special pieces in mind (get them directly trough the links below):