Looking for tricks for gorgeous hair? Me too and I just found the oldest tricks in the books, have often stayed relevant for a reason. Todays beauty tip could have been written decades ago, because it’s simply investing in a good hair brush.
But to me it really makes a big difference. I got the Allround-brush from Marlies Möllera couple of weeks ago, and I’m just in love.
The brush gives you shiny and beautiful hair, making it easy to work with and gives it that extra nice finish. Not to mention the brush is said to remove dust particles from the hair – which must be the reason why the hair feels so silky when using it. So if you want that luxurious feeling, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a good brush (and we all know how some of the quality brushes can be quite pricy), this might just be the right friend for you.
Pssst! The brand also have smaller and handy alternative which is perfect for travels and can go straight to your hand-bag (if you like me, just never have the time in the morning).