We have a new beauty crush – and this time it’s actually for a whole store (sounds expensive, right?). Anyways, our new boo is called RÅ Organic Skincare, a shop many of you might know already. W
here to begin! The fact that they’re ecological is almost a good enough reason itself to love the brand. But RÅ also have truly gorgeous, fresh products, beautiful design and amazing store interior. Not to mention the great help you get! Let’s just say the whole concept is a big treat.

Ok, products first: They come in delicate packages with a very clean, exclusive looking design. Perfect for anyone who wants that pretty, classic Insta-friendly bathroom – and who doesn’t?
Obviously, have I not tested all, but just by walking from shelf to shelf, opening bottles, smelling and trying the products on I was impressed. Over all the product smells incredibly nice, fresh and clean (but mark, plenty of the products are without any smells, if you have sensitive skin or just prefer that). Of course I’ve been very excited about testing some of these at home – which I’ll come back to with more details – but to start with the shampoo Favnis just fab. I really can’t remember the last time my hair was so shiny and stayed clean for as long.

Another must-try is their soap Sevje, which has the most luxurious and deep, but still natural smell. The scrub is also refreshing and your hands feel super soft afterwards.

And last, but not least; the store is such a nice place to be, with beautiful inspiring interior you just want to press copy/paste at home and the expertise is great. I got a skin analysis and many good advices even though I was really just buying a concealer. In other words, if you’re looking for clean, fresh and tasteful products or just want to get a luxurious feeling, check out one of the stores. Because personally we think this is a crush that might just last, as this shop is «helt RÅ!»
Photos: Monica Strømdahl