As some might have noticed we’re thrilled with the season change. A little more warmth, sun, light and of course gorgeous beauty news! Product-wise spring usually means (among many things) less makeup and therefore more focus on good skin, long days out – meaning, more sun protection, and also lighter, delicate smells and beautiful feminine colors. Here are three of our favorite spring products and one, which is still on our wishlist.
This sun glow powder is the perfect spring/summer touch-up for sun-kissed skin. Not only does this dream of a product consist two golden beige shades and a rose blush, that adds the most fresh and natural finish, it’s also creamy and enriched with Shea and Camellia oils to soften and hydrate skin. In other words; just what we need for warmer days. Use only the brown shades for a more bronzer touch or blend together for a feminine-looking summer finish.
My very first perfume was YSL and I’ve loved their smells ever since. This perfume is no exception, an ultra feminine scent, delicate with a sweet and flowery touch. The perfume seems light, but still intense, and most importantly to me, I still love it as much after wearing it for weeks. A true must-try this spring!
As YSL tin-in-oil might just be the most beautiful lip-gloss I have ever tried, I can’t wait to try their new Tint-in-Balm. The colors look so fresh (perfect for this time of the year) and the products also have the super hydrated look, which I just adore about the Tint-in-oil product.
Top photo: Elle UK December 2016 by Kai Z Feng.