When I’m (J) out traveling there is one thing that’s really (REALLY) important to me – sometimes even more important than the dressing part! – and that’s good music to listen to. Agree? I know you do! Maybe not while walking around in the heart of Rome or while tasting wine, surrounded by Tuscany’s beauty, but there are especially some situations – a lot of them actually – that requires some mood-setting music. You know when sitting on the plane, lying on the beach or hitting the road.
Say hi to our new travel column; Travel music, where we’ll be guiding you to the ultimate playlists to download before your next travels. And first out our top 20 roadtrip songs at the moment.
1. Toto – africa 2. Queen – Bohemian rhapsody 3. Radical face – wandering
4. Mikhael Paskalev – I Spy
5. Cezinando – Håper du har plass

6. Frenship – 1000 Nights

7. BILLY – California High
8. X Ambassadors – renegades
9. Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling
10. Ed sheeran – castle on the hill
11. Cutting crew – (I Just) Died in yout arms
12. The Weeknd – Can’t feel my Face
13. Aarosmith – I dont want to miss a thing
14. Adele – Rolling in the deep
15. Hkeem, temur – Fy faen
16. Kygo – First time
17. Maggie Lindemann – pretty girl
18. Luis Fonsi – Despacito
19. The Darksness – i Believe in a thing called love 20. Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire
Top photo: Vogue Spain April 2016 by Benny Horne.