I LOVE what I (C) call «proper makeup», which this beauty crush of mine really is. By «proper makeup» I mean makeup that does the job- proper; has coverage, gives shine and comes in fabulous colors. Qualities which make you choose the products again and again. My beauty crush these days are the gorgeous makeup brand YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Makeup. Which in fact my friends have been using for years and I actually have a few great eye products from the brand as well (their liquid eyeliner is great!). But the brand got a renaissance for me when I discovered their lip products.
They’re just come in so good colors! I often find it quite difficult to choose the right color as they never really look the same when you apply them. But I’m so happy with how these turned out; the perfect mix of glamour, classic and fun colors. I even found that color I always wanted, but never really knew how looked like in stores. As probably many of you, I don’t use eye-shadow everyday, so I think a nice lip product is a good solution for adding a little spark to your everyday look. Apply a little bit more and you have a perfect evening look for a night out. So, if you are looking for some fabulous new spring products, YOUNGBLOOD might just be the perfect match for you – as it is for us these days! Here are some favorites you definitely want in your beauty bag right now: