Very few things beats beautiful, flawless and glowing skin. Especially now that spring (or should we finally say summer?) is here with more light and it’s all about a natural, fresh and clean look – which of course lasts. Some of you were probably born with this, but if you like me tend to lean on some pretty great products instead – I got some recommendations that might be you new favorites this season:
Speaking of more light, I know I’m grateful for a bit more coverage! This new foundation from Armani is just perfection. Long-lasting, high-coverage and still light. Just a genius product on a long day out, or any day really. The foundation melts into your skin blurring imperfections and is perfect for that gorgeous fresh and flawless finish.
This product doesn’t really need an introduction; Guerlain classic bronzer is still going strong and with good reason. A crucial element for me when it comes to choosing a bronzer is a good color, which isn`t too red. This is, besides glow, one of the strongest sides of the product. Apply it in the shape of a number 3 from your forehead for beautiful, sun kissed and radiating skin!
This cream is my new favorite for glowing skin. I usually use this as a base under makeup as well as a regular day cream. The product has that clean and natural smell, typical for the brand – which I just love. It’s hydrating and sebum-regulating- a must-try!
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