When most of us thing about Sweden, the first thing that pops up is the Capitol, Stockholm – and for good reason! Swedens capitol is really a must-see, but thanks to its ‘fame’ the country’s second-largest city, Gothenburg has been totally overshadowed. And it’s a shame. Because just as the hectic capitol, the more tranquil little brother offers the same – if not more of the casualness Sweden is known for! Gothenburg har exploded the last couple of years. As well as it has kept its cozy charm (you can literally walk your way around), the cities offers has been tripled. A lot of new restaurants (including a couple great Michelin-stared ones), sophisticated yet laid-back bar culture, galleries and art museums, amazing parks, not to mention the shopping opportunities; it all has grown wild! And there is simply nothing bad to say about this Swedish city than that it’s awful having to leave after a totally relaxed getaway.
Travel with us and find out where to stay, eat, shop and stroll in Gothenburg!
If you, like us, LOVE testing out hotels while traveling, we recommend spending nights at both two of our new favorites in town. Stay at Hotel Bellora for a totally tranquil Italian feel – and for those who have experienced the Italian-feel knows that it means warm and home away from home! The interior is a mix between lux and home and we adore the first floor – which by the way is also a chic Italian restaurant as well. And did we mention Bellora also has one of the best rooftop bar in the world?

Left: Hotel Bellora, right: Hotel Pigalle
Bellora’s sister, Hotel Pigalle, has to be Gothenburg’s finest luxury boutique hotel with its all Parisian mystique interior. Amazing rooms and a delicate breakfast, just like her sisters. When it comes to the feeling, it’s a bit less home away from home than Bellora, but it definitely matches the sophisticated french concept – and hey, sometimes it’s just amazing feeling far away from home! Ps! Eat your breakfast on the rooftop, it’s the best way to start the day.
If you’re staying at Bellora or Pigalle a second breakfast won’t be needed. But if you’re looking for some placed to eat some lunch or a coffee break, «fika» as they call it in Sweden, there are a couple of spots to write down. For the best coffee in town head over to the Bar Centro – their croissants are amazing as well and so is the stuff. But the all Italian cafe doesn’t take card, so bring some cash (and yes it’s definitely worth taking out cash).

Bar Centro
For a real fika-spot step by Brogyllen for some killer pasties (they have it all!) or Husaren in the old part of the city for what has to be the biggest kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) in Gothenburg. If you get bored of all the pastries and coffees, visit Kafé Magasinet for a delicious acai bowl, salad or raw cake or one of the Juicekällan bars for a fresh juice or smoothie.

The restaurant map has gotten a lot of pins the last couple of years. As well as having Michelin-stared veteran restaurants, the city offers a lot of amazing new comers. For a casual dinner with friends (or maybe for take away in the park?) visit Beijing8 in Magasingatan for what’s maybe the best dumplings in town. Magasingatan in general also provides restaurants for all tastes, like for instance The Barn – an must-try burger spot.

Taco & Tequila
If you’re in a more Mexican mood, head over to Taco & Tequila for modern Mexican food-porn – and the Margaritas there are to die for, so is the tequila-list. In the same street, Tredje Långgatan 9 (which is one of the up and coming restaurant areas), you’ll also find Taverna Averna – an Italian dream.
Two diner spots to consider: Toso, Made in China and Strömmingsluckan.

For margaritas and tequila just stay after dinner at Taco & Tequila. Or take the trip down to Puta Madre – that has the largest selection of tequila in town. If you’re more in a winy-mood or even up for a «champagne shower» our definite favorite is Champagnebaren Forssén & Öberg. As well as having some great wines and champagnes, this place has the most romantic and tranquil outdoor garden.
Tips from a local: Bar Normal, should also ble a super casual hangout spot with great drinks!

The shopping in Gothenburg is great, not to mention quite sentral. You have most of the shops in the heart of the city. The shopping gallery Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) has both upscale and and popular brans within clothing, beauty and housewares. In close distance is Grace (wall to wall with Bar Centro) with its selection of both international brands and Scandinavian designers. We especially loved the accessory corner with amazing jewelry and a huge sunglass collection with favorites like Céline, Tom Ford and Givenchy!
If you’re looking for some new-ins to pimp your home Mouche’s the Apartment is stop no.1. The concept store, set in a Parisian dream of an apartment, offers everything from laps, bedsheets, shoes and clothes from fashion-forward brands. Everything in the apartment is for sale! If you want to empty your wallet even more head over to Artilleriet for decoration to die for. And last but not least; for the best soaps (and maybe the cutest store) spoil yourself with a visit to Tvåle & Tvaga.

If vintage is on your mind Gothenburg has a couple of great ones! The largest one, Beyond Retro, offers everything you can imagine on two floors. Levis jeans, collage sweaters, skirts, pants 70’s dresses; a vintage lovers paradise. Miss Ragtime and Myrorna are also big fishes. A smaller competitor is Boutique Laila – but don’t let the size of the store trick you!
Tips! Bring your man to The Sharper for a beard treatment – it’s a must and you’ll love being there as well thank’s to all the good locking gadgets you just need in your bathroom as decoration.

The Sharper
Gothenburg is all about the casual and «lugn» (calm) life. Walk around in one of the many beautiful parks or rent a bike and bike around all day exploring. If you get tired of all the «fika», shopping and hanging around, visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art and take a look at the photo exhibitions. If you’re in the need to recharge your batteries spend an afternoon at Hagabadet for even more relaxation!