Do you have to work most of this summer or just haven’t got the time book your vacation yet? We have the perfect spot for you to visit this summer either you have one week or just a weekend – and the best part it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Where? Warsaw! The city is definitely one of the up and coming ones and have a lot more to offer than you think! Here are five reasons why Warsaw should be on your summer-vacay list, now all you have to do is pack your suitcase:
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Warsaw city isn’t just shopping malls and buzzy streets, they also have some of the most beautiful parks in the world. The one we fell in love with while there was Lazienki Park – which is the biggest one in the city, yet you have so many tranquil spots! With its overwhelming beauty the only thing you want to do is to buy some sweets, pastries and some good wine and spend an afternoon there. And if you get bored, of all the green beauty check out the museum!

Even though Warsaw isn’t all shopping, we have to talk some shopping! Because the city really got some good spots. If you’re like us and love shopping, leave home with an empty suitcase. Warsaw has the biggest shopping mall in all eastern Europe and trust us its HUGE. If you want a big selection you go to the malls. But if you like to be outdoor, they have two beautiful shoppingstreets called Nowy Swiat and Chmielna Street, and they actually cross each other. In those streets you find some of the most popular stores, both high-end and high-street.
Want both city and beach vacay? Well, now Warsaw has it all at Bulwary Wislane. Spend your whole day soaking up the sun or chill at one of the cafes in the afternoon after a long day of shopping. You’ll actually be able to feel some sand between your toes because they’ve really created a small beach there!
And speaking about chilling and enjoying, polish food is delicious – and if you go to a traditional polish restaurant you’ll get a lot for your money. If you want to try real polish food you should go to Honoratka Cafe (one of the oldest restaurants in Warsaw). The food is to die for. Another polish favorite is Prz Zamku. Other than that you have a lot of amazing modern Michelin and Michelin recommended restaurants all around the city. You should at least visit one – the prices are unbelievable.

And last, but not least: The spa! There is no secret that everything, including spa, is a lot more cheeper in Poland than Norway and other European counties. So when you find yourself in Warsaw you should spend a whole day on different kind of spas. One of our favorites is Pearl Beauty Clinic. They’ve got everything and the people that works there are super friendly and skilled. Another one recommended by friends is Oasis Beauty day spa. Ps! Remember to book in time.