Beauty Favorite RINSE-OFF

(Affiliate) This Foaming Cleansing Makeup Remover – with honey-like texture – from Lancôme is a definite favorite on our bathroom shelf the last couple of weeks. And that for many reasons! Miel-En-Mousse (as mentioned) has an amazing honey-like texture, making it super comfortable applying, not to mention how the Acacia honey leaves your skin soft and clean. Yes, as well as leaving your skin feel hydrated, the honey is genius for removing makeup. Apply 1 big pump, if using less makeup, and 2-3 plumps, when using more, onto the fingertips and add a small amount of lukewarm water. Then massage onto the face (dry skin) and rinse off with water to remove makeup and impurities. If you want an even deeper clean, combine Miel-En-Mousse with your Clarisonic. You’ll love the immediate result it gives!