The Dream Destination FOLLONICO

(Affiliate) We’re looking for the slow living when visiting Tuscany this summer. As well as visiting the bigger cities of course (like Siena, Florence and Pisa) we’ll be using just as much time to explore the smaller pearls of Tuscany; just hanging around, taking it slow, in breathtaking surroundings, drinking wine and eating too much great food. And one of the places on our ‘almost booked list’ is Follonico. The small family run Boutique is the perfect home away from home spot, to enjoy some real Tuscan tranquil. Not only does the owner make you slow down, they serve you slow food; all local and made with love and tradition.
Sounds like a dream? We know and the pictures says so too:
Since the sales are everywhere (very good ones too!) and the summer has barely begun, our packing list is of course on sale as well! A light yet voluminous dress for a day trip (or a late night) in Florence is a must. Not to mention its great over your bikini when heading off for a walk. In both situations tie-up flats are a chic yet comfy choice. When relaxing in one of the sun beds at daytime your must-have kit is definitely a bikini (or two?), some great sunnies (for the sun and the pics!) and a sunhat when reading is on your list. Other than that, for all the chilling a shorts, singlet and a light knitted sweater is always a good idea on the countryside.
Shop your favorites directly trough the links below:

Dress from Chloé, sweater from Raey, camisole from Equipment, shorts from Chloé, bikini from Gregor Pirouzi, flats from Attico and sunglasses from Elizabeth and James.