Beauty Essentials 3 SUMMER HEAT MUST-HAVES

(Affiliate) Summer is finally here, makeup wise – at least to us – this means protecting your skin from the sun as well as still staying fresh at all time. Since most of us unfortunately can’t spend the whole vacay on the beach we have been looking for those products to use on typical work days, when you’re not spending hours in the sun, but still want that little extra help in the heat. Here are three gorgeous must try products that’ll both protect and make your skin look fresh in the summer heat!
Even though your lips are just as exposed to the sun as the rest of your face, surprisingly few lip products contains sun screen. This lip treatment protects against UVB rays and nourish the lips, leaving a soft result. The product can be worn under lipstick or just by it self and is rated high on our wish list!
What is better than a refreshing facial spray on a hot day? The mist is a combination of mineral salts and trace elements. It reduces dryness, redness and burning and gives such a fresh feeling on hot days, or on any day really. We find this the perfect travel friend, a saviour in any hand bag. Perfect for sensitive skin and contains no perfume, parabens or oils.
This cream just smells deliciously of sea, light and happy days. The consistency is creamy and the product melts nicely into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh. Blue-Therapy SPF 25 is especially made to protect and repair your skin to slow down the aging processes, and not only that, it’s said to be the first anti-age cream to protect against UVB, long UVA and pollution. To us this cream is perfect for all those days where you are just going out for a walk and you want that little extra protection.
Top photo: Vogue Germany July 2017 by Giampaolo Sgura