Still not booked the summer? Or are you maybe already planning a weekend getaway the coming fall? Well, either way, we would always recommend Rome. Why? Simply because the city has everything! The food, the drinks, the people, the architecture, the history and now even the hotels; yes, Rome has really stepped up the game the last couple of years and we’ve gathered 4 pearls you should consider if Rome is on your list. All in different parts of the city and with totally different looks…

Look at the pictures, and you’ll understand why CasaCauis on top of our list. This place is simply amazing! The perfect home aeay from home feeling with just the perfect amount of luxury. There are six different apartments for you to rent – or if you like you can actually rent the whole building with all the rooms! And the locations, we’ll only a couple of steps away from Trevi.

The design in this hotel is simply beautiful – only that makes us want to book a plane ticket and leave right away. All the rooms in G Rough Rome are also have different design – all with a modern Italian touch – and you can choose between luxury suites or smaller rooms.

In an old historic building you’ll find the gorgeous hotel Piazza di Spagna 9. This exclusive boutique hotel is not just a place you can sleep, but also a gallery. You can sleep, take spa and shop art, all at the same place. And yes it’s an inspiration bomb! Both inside and outside thanks to its location (and design of course).

A wonderful townhouse hotel in the heart of Rome – with walking distance to all the must-see spots in Rome. The Fefteen Keys Hotelis a small yet super dreamy hotel with 15 apartments. The design is also very unique, so modern but still very antic roman. And a big plus; all the guests at the hotel can borrow bikes, so you can get around in Rome for free.