The Summer Pattern POLKA-DOTS

Some hate it, some love it; the polka-dot pattern! We’re definitely the latter (especially in summertime) and that for so many reasons. Knowing a lot of women being reminded of their grandmothers – maybe even great-grandmothers – when eying the polka-dot pattern, we feel the need to strike a blow for the pattern we’re crushing on. Yes, it can definitely go wrong, so one should be careful when styling the dots, but when styled properly they’re so much more than your grandma’s favorite blouse or her tablecloth.

Playful, casual and sophisticated at the same time; the pattern is wearable in almost any occasion and is a outfit-maker, making your look by itself. Use a polka-dot blouse over your swimsuit or wear it for a late night dinner styled with high-waisted trousers or a midi split skirt for a real señorita look. If you’re feeling the pattern is getting to everyday-like, combine it with silk to add sophistication. For a day on the beach, straw is a must, either it’s a hat, a bag or a straw between your teeth!
When it comes to the color palette, we like keeping it simple. The polka-dots are a lot by themselves yet we don’t want to take their attention, so styling them with black, white or beige is a safe (and always winning) combination. But if you really want to go ‘polka-dot-summer-look-all-the-way’ add some red to your outfit! Red lips, nails, or even a red garment; a killer combination you’ll never want to take off this summer. Need some polka-dots in your wardrobe now? (Thought so!) Shop our favorites directly trough the links below now:
Wrap top from Topshop, wrap dress from H&M, skirt from Ganni, spot and stripe dress from Stella McCartney, shorts from Ganni, off-the-shoulder top from Monse, spot and stripe dress from Topshop, pussy-bow blouse from Gucci, cold-shoulder dress from Ganni, maxi dress from Lisa Marie Fernandez, skirt from Saloni, cold-shoulder top from McQ Alexander McQueen and skirt from Lisa Marie Fernandez.