Having beautiful hair from A-B and keeping it that way through the whole travel – either you’re spending time on the beach, city-exploring or traveling around – sometimes feel like a nightmare. You know when it simply just don’t want to listen and you really don’t want to spend your precious vacay-time on making it do so. Luckily for us some people work with hair like that almost every day and have been collecting tips and tricks to make our hair do as we say wherever and whenever. And one of those geniuses is Antonio Corral Calero, Global Ambassador for Moroccanoil and Executive Creative Director at Factory 236 Beauty Concept BCN. We met this GORGEOUS man (and INSANELY talented hair stylist, who has among other worked with Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Zac Posen and Marchesa) in Oslo and asked him about his best tricks to make your hair look gorgeous at any time when out traveling:

Which hair products would you recommend women to always bring when traveling?
Always bring a good shampoo and conditioner from home because sometimes the hair products at the hotels make your hair even worse and harder to work with. It’s simply fundamental to make the perfect base wherever you are.
Other must-have products would be the Moroccanoil dry shampoo and the treatment oil. A good dry shampoo is a must when traveling because you’re almost always caught between things and the last thing you want is to spend to much time in the bathroom. A dry shampoo that both takes away the grease and gives volume saves you from bad hair days.
When it comes to the treatment oil it’s simply amazing to have at all time as a finish to every hair styling. With the treatment you’ll both get the perfect healthy finish as well as you’ll keep your hair protected at all time, both from pollution and the sun, thanks to the UV-protection.

How can women make their hair look gorgeous from A to B?
The best thing you can do before traveling is blow-drying your hair. Why? Because it will stay beautiful for approximately 2-3 days. In that way you know your hair look good at least those days and you’ll spare yourself from unnecessary bathroom-time. And when it gets oily in the end find your dry shampoo and make some great braids or use other accessories like scarves or hats. As well as camouflage the grease you’ll add both personality and a detail to your look. So always bring some accessories.

Print scarf from Loewe, black scarf from Rockins and print scarf from Gucci.
If we’re heading off to a warm and humid destination, how do we keep our hair in the game?
We have one product that I think work very well in summertime and in general when it’s humid and warm. The Heat Styling Protection, a spray that you use before you blow dry, straight or curl your hair. It literally locks your hair. I would recommend to use it before flat-ironing the hair. In that way you seal the hair and don’t allow the heat and humidity to penetrate into it. Thanks to the argan oil it also moisturize as well as protect. A real must-have when traveling to warm countries.
What about a salt water spray?
If you’re traveling to a place without an ocean you should bring one, but if you’ll be bathing in the ocean you really doesn’t need it. Take the benefit of the ocean and bring another product instead. I would rather bring a hydrating product. Because when I’m on the beach I don’t really wash my hair every day, I love what the natural ‘dirtyness’ of salt and what it does to my hair, so it needs some extra hydration.

How should we protect our hair in the sun?
We have a lot of products with UV-protection, so you should always make sure your hair products has that. Just like we protect our skin with sunscreen we neet to protect our hair as well, because it’s just as exposed. Bring hydrating styling products and use them before getting out. I sometimes even put on my hair mask before I go to the beach to both style and hydrate my hair. Put it on dry hair by rubbing the mask between your hands and simply just tap it on your hair before you air dry it. Make sure it’s a good hydrating mask, so it don’t dry your hair instead of hydrating it.
And one last secret tip?
If you have a lot of hair, your hair is very curly or easily gets frizzy a good tip is to make a cocktail with your mask and the treatment oil. Rub the mix between your palms and apply it on damp hair from the roots to the ends. Use this mix for styling as well, like for tight ponytails, a wet hair look or braids.