The Dream Destination TRAMONTI HOUSE

(Affiliate)Speaking about great Airbnb’s in last weeks Dream Destination, we just can’t keep yet another hidden pearl a secret any longer – and this one we’ll actually be visiting this summer! When looking for our stays at the Tuscan coast – a bit too late – we realized most of the places were already booked and those who where not was either insanely expensive or totally not worth the money. Not to mention we wanted at least one of our stays to be totally different from what we usually book. So, we started stalking at Airbnb and came over Tramonti House.
Really the place doesn’t actually need any introduction (we bet you’re feeling the same as we did when scrolling the pics; super charming, peaceful and so natural! And yes, totally romantic), but let us just say you can’t get there by car. It’s a 10 minutes walk from everything. And yes, you have two untouched beaches just down the hills. And did we mention it has an outdoor shower with a panorama horizon view! A real dream destination if you ask us. Also if you get bored of all chilling (if that’s even possible) gorgeous Cinque Terre is a short ride away.

Shirt dress from Isa Arfen, dress from J.W. Anderson, cropped trousers from Dolce & Gabbana, bag from The Row, sandals from Prada and earrings from Aurélie Bidermann.
When it comes to our suitcase, it would be a lie telling you it won’t be full of delicate summer pieces and elegant shoes. But we’ve been told high heels ain’t made for this place, so they’ll be resting in the car for four days while we go comfy-flat. Also when matching the environment in Tramonti aka. the simple living, we’ll spending less time dressing by bringing those garments that doesn’t require much more than just being worn – and maybe styled with casual yet elegant details like sun hats, scarfs and hoops.