A Style Journey Travel Style JULIANE IN MAJORCA

Our summer travels (and short getaways) has finally begun; new places and old favorites, amazing food (and a lot of wine), great books and new people. Not to mention the always so much wanted summer travel style. Airy dresses and light blouses, skirts and bare legs; not to mention swimwear all day long! There is simply nothing like the summer holidays, speaking about both experiences and style, which is why we’ll be sharing it with you. And first of us to leave home and share her travel style and favorite spots is our own travel-lover Juliane.

Where did this years summer holiday go to?
My vacation this year went to Mallorca, more specifically Palma. Later I’m going to England.
Your three favorite spots
I’m a cultural person and love to visit special places, so a lot of my vacation goes to seeing historical places – as well as beaching of course!
1. Purobeach This beach club simply has it all; the pool, the look and the restaurant/bar. It’s a very popular place in Palma and I can see why. The food is incredible, and the drinks are the best. It’s a small road trip from Palma city, but it’s definitely worth it!

Photo: Purobeach
2. Valldemosa This is the cutest city I’ve ever seen. Small beautiful shops, little cafes and flowers everywhere. On the top of the city there is a beautiful church which is really worth the trip as well. Cute and intime!
3. Pollenca This district is a must-see if you’re renting a car. There is a long road with a beautiful panorama view everywhere.
What characterizes your travel style?
My travel style is really simple. I like it comfy yet elegant. It’s a lot of white, thin blouses and long dresses. I’m not the biggest fan of shorts so I always bring some light jeans with me instead. Perfect for the travel itself as well as they’re easy to combine.

…and your key garment?
My favorite garment has to be the chill white line blouse. It goes with everything and looks good either you are on the beach, a road trip or at a restaurant. A real all-arounder and a must in your suitcase every summer.

Linen blouse from Étoile Isabel Marant
Swimsuit or bikini?
Yes to both! I always tan in a bikini (because of the tanning lines), but like this time, when we were road tripping, I wore a swimsuit and jeans. It makes your ready at all time.

Swimsuit from Eres and bikini from Solid and Striped
Your beauty favorites are?
When I’m on vacation in warm countries, like this time, makeup is really hard for me. When I’m getting tanner all my makeup from home gets to white. But this year I found the perfect savior; Origins Vitazing. It’s the perfect summer skin product – a multi-tasking product – that literally melts into your skin. The cream is white, but when you apply it on your skin it matches your skin tone perfectly and gives both

moisture and natural coverage.

…and your signature scent?
Definitely Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom, so fresh yet perfect for both day and nighttime.