The holiday is finally on for most of us, and hopefully we all get to enjoy a fair share of sun. Good skin routines are as important as ever, but what do you bring to keep fresh and protected from the sun? Who better to ask than the Biotherm ambassador and super model Elsa Hosk?
We emailed with the beauty and got some quick yet good tips to keep our skin gorgeous and healthy this summer!
What’s your best sunscreen tip?
Using the Water Lover Sun Milk, definitely.
… and what do you look for in a sunscreen?
I have a sensitive skin so, obviously good protection but also a delicate texture and a summer smell!

What do you use on your face in the summer? And what on your body?
For my body, I use Biotherm Lait Corporel, the body lotion is incredible. It smells so good it lifts you up, refreshes and moisturizes throughout the all day. And for my face Biotherm Aquasource Gel, I think it’s a great line of products. You put it on your skin and it just melt into your skin, you feel the hydration.
How do you take care of your skin in the sun?
I use a sunscreen with a good SPF every day.
And how do you make your tan last as long as possible?
By protecting my skin. There is no other way to a perfect and long tan!
What is your no.1 travel essential?
My Life Plankton Essence. My skin is agressed and damaged by travelling, different climate, makeup… it’s very important for me to take care, at every moment.

What do you never travel without?
My sunglasses!- and my Water Lover Sun Milk.
How do you keep fresh while travelling?
To hydrate and feel fresh, without the feeling that I put something greasy on my face. I use my Aquasource gel moisturizer. It deeply hydrates, and gives my skin the feeling that I just washed it. It is so nice!