Travel Smart Like SOPHIA ROE

(Affiliate) What’s better than some last minute help when you’re about to begin with the packing-nightmare the day before your travel? Packing help from a travel expert! We keep on asking some of our favorite girls – that’s more than used to travel, sometimes even on short notice and too often, if that’s even possible – about their best packing tips. And next out is our favorite dane, the ultra gorgeous beauty, Sophia Roe.
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What’s the secret about your travel style?
You always want to dress stylish, but comfy when traveling. I like to wear natural materials and denim. Depending on the destination, cashmere, cotton and denim are my best friends when traveling.

Shirt from Victoria Beckhamand skirt from Weekday.
What does your carry-on look like?
I always bring headphones, my mineral foundation from Tromborg (for touch up), a Magazine, two bottles with water and my mist from La Mer to stay hydrated.
What do you never travel without?
Mostly my boyfriend. He is such a great planner and travel companion.

Mist from La Mer and foundation from Tromborg.
Are there any spesial garments/shoes you always bring?
You would always find me in sneakers when I’m travelling unless it’s a work related trip. Then I wear my boots with kitten heels.
What is your must-have when on city/beach vacation?
Sunglasses, always!

What is your favorite travel detail?
My Balenciaga Work bag. There is a lot of room in it.
How do you pack to avoid clothing-crisis when travelling, as well as not bringing too much?
Packing light is all about preparation and smart packing. Bring items that you can combine with many options in many outfits like a classic white shirt or a pair of jeans. I like to imagine the outfits in my head when packing.

Anti pollution serum from Tromborg.
What will we always find in your beauty travel bag?
My anti pollution serum from Tromborg and lots of facial masks. But then literally everything… I just can’t limit myself when it comes to beauty products.
…and what’s your «secret travel companion»?
A fresh pair of socks is almost magical for me after a long trip.