(Affiliate) We all know the scenario too well: It’s a sunny day, you leave in a hurry. Shoes on, bag in hand, lips stick on. You spend the day not thinking that either your lipstick, mascara or your foundation should be any reason for embarrassment, but then you get home… realizing you look like some sort of a modern piece of art. In other words, as much as we love sunny days it does have that sad effect on makeup.

As we prefer art in controlled forms, we have gathered some tips on how to make your facepaint just a little more flattering in the sun.

1. Choose colors that is close to you’re natural colors, then if the makeup starts melting, you are not in danger of ending up with a strange color on a strange place.
2. Use your fingers when you apply foundation. This will warm the product and make it melt nicely into your skin.
3. Use a good primer. The product will make the skin appear more even and reduce the need of heavy makeup.
4. We prefer light cream based products to let the skin breathe, but you can also use a setting powder to make the makeup stay on.

Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact SPF 20 from Laura Mercier, Radiance Primer SPF35 from Nars, Re(cover) Coconut Setting Spray from Marc Jacobs Beauty, Sport Waterproof Mascara from Eyeko and Magic Powder from Edward Bess.
5. Use waterproof products. If you like us magically turn into a panda after halv an hour after leaving the house, a waterproof mascara (check out our favorites here!) might be key to you all year. If not, switching to one during the summer months might be enough.
6. When applying lipstick remember to ‘bit’ you’re lips on a piece of paper to remove the excess. Repeat the process if you want a stronger color.
7. Use a good setting spray to finish off.
8. …and of course, use a physically blockage like a sunhat- easy and super chic!
Top photo: Vogue Spain June 2016 by Benny Horne