The autumn is soon over here in Scandiland and we’re slowly welcoming the winter (yes, winter…). And from my point, of view the only positive thing about the cold Norwegian winters is the Christmas – and the winter getaways, both weekends and weeks! So it’s time to do some traveling – or at least the planning – to make the dark cold days a bit shorter. And first out of our winter-getaway-posts are five perfect winter cities (that are not too far away!).

Prague is really an up and running city. There are beautiful streets with a lot of historical buildings. The city looks pretty old, but is’s actually a quite modern one as well – and the mix makes it magical. Visit one of the bridge towers of the Charles Bridge. And a must-visit is the castel – it’s simply just so beautiful. Psst… The shopping there is preeetty good as well!

2. EDINBURGH, SCOTLANDThe beautiful capital of Scotland maybe not on most peoples must-visit cities, but there are so many reasons why it should be. When visiting, you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re traveling back in time. The buildings are old, and the city is remarkably green. You should go and see the Edinburgh Castle, witch you can see in the city skyline.

Bruges is a city that most haven’t heard of, but we all should visit. This gorgeous town looks like a fairytale taken out of a book. The medieval overtones of the cobblestone streets, the architectural and historical buildings are must-sees. Psst… If you visit and find yourself at the marked square, take a look at the Belfry of Bruges!

4. FLORENCE, ITALYYes, we talk a lot about Italy, but hey it’s a beautiful country, we can all agree. Florence, the super romantic Italian city. Has everything you want (and need when on a city getaway). You can enjoy wonderful Tuscan cuisine, drink the best wine in the world, and just go around and look at all the beautiful things. Because there are many of them! Psst… Don’t miss out on the Uffizi museum.

Russia doesn’t have the best political reputation these days – which has probably affected our thoughts of the country – but we can’t overse how beautiful it is, and St. Petersburg is a favorite! The city is filled with beautiful buildings and actually have over two hundred museums. One you should definitely visit is the Hermitage Museum, which is inside the winter palace. The museum contains over tree billion artworks, and goes over six buildings.