Beauty Favorites 3 BOOSTING MUST-HAVES

(Affiliate) We’re so getting into testing new beauty products; finding saviors, quick fixes, all-time favorites and travel companions. And we can (with pride!) that we’re becoming real beauty – or should we say testing? – nerds! All the testing lately has especially made me (K) a lot more interested and observant on the results and if the products actually does their job(s).
So, say hi to my new hobby; sharing my beauty favorites with you – both here and on Instagram – and first products out on both platforms are these three products that are screaming ‘boost, boost, boost’!

It’s been two weeks since I started testing this beauty (yes, beauty. I love how every single Armani makeup product looks super chic). And usually we’re careful with sharing experiences and thoughts this fast, but hey, when something is good, it’s simply just good. After only four times I actually see my face getting cleaner; and my little (very little) beakouts post treatment is a proof as well as the look of my skin. The mask is strong, so it really gets deep into your skin, opening and getting rid of both deeper and surface impurities. But as well as being a longtime-cleaner Terra Pantelleria is an amazing quick fix mask, leaving your skin super soft and smooth immediately. Perfect pre-parties, post-Saturdays and in between the everyday stress.

A lot of my friends have been using this booster one for a while now and I see why. I’m actually not a morning-beauty-routines-person, but this superstart skin renewal booster is definitely worth the 2 extra minutes in the morning. As well as it’s prepping your skin for the rest of your routines and making it more resistant, it leaves your skin smooth, fresh and makeup-ready. I actually also love adding a plump in my foundation, making the result both more natural and glowy and adding some extra moisture I need in the winter months.

If there is any skincare products I’ve actually been interested in for a couple of years, it’s the ones promising to make you eyes look more awake and giving the eye-area more life. A lot has failed the test (even though I’m not bothered with suuuper tired eyes) and few have past, and one of those (and actually a favorite so far) is Filorga’s Optim-Eyes cream. Not only does it actually work on puffiness – and on the dark circles I get from time to time thanks to stress – it has the most amazing cooling effect making you both feel and look fresher in no time. Use mine both in the morning and in the evening. Psst! Keep it in the refrigerator for the ultimate cooling and lifting effect.