The winter is slowly starting to settle in. The rain is poring down and will be doing so for a while (at least hear in Scandiland..), I’m (J) freezing, having a cold and if that wasn’t enough; working 9-5 is life atm. While all I – and probably you – want to do is travel to beautiful, WARM, sunny places. So, if rainy 9-5 days is happening in your life as well – or you’re actually so lucky to be planning a getaway in the nearest future – dream with me! Cuddle yourself up in a big blanket, have a cup of tea and scroll through these 4 destinations I’m dreaming of right now:
First I found this amazing hotel; the waterfront Four Seasons LangKawi, in Malaysia, and immediately fell in love. My heart screams yes, but my wallet screams no!
Then – instead of drowning in dreams of expensive luxury hotels – I started looking at places that I love and Costa Rica is one of them. I have always wanted to go there – and it’s definitely on top of my list – because of the unbelievable wildlife. Four percent of the planet’s wildlife species lives there. Think of all the amazing things you can see – while sipping a drink on a hidden beach of course.
A place that I’ve always wanted to visit as well is Chiang Mai, Thailands cultural capital. I won’t be saying much more than; scroll through the picture carusell and see what I mean. The place looks insanely beautiful!
Another dream destination that is maybe a little bit more affordable (at least for us living in Europe) is Essaouira, in Moroco. The perfect winter getaway where you have it all, plus the little extra; beach and city, amazing food, breathtaking architecture and interesting shopping. And yes, sun as well. What more do you really need?
Pssst… If you are a GOT-fan (Game of Thrones) some of the scenes were recorded here!