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(Affiliate) I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely a routine person – or maybe a habit person? – in both the good way and the not sooo good way. When I first get into a routine – or a habit if you prefer – I stick to it for a long time when it works for me. Same goes for my makeup routine. For me it’s the same every morning. Sometimes I literally feel like someone else is doing the makeup for me while I’m watching, since I don’t even have to think about the order I’m doing things or the products I’m looking for; it’s just doing itself. You feel me?
It may sound boring – and maybe it is as well – but I know what I want with my makeup. I want it as natural as possible, but in a polished way. And with that in mind I choose my favorites wisely – same goes with the order of them – and stick to them until another favorite comes my way. Because even though I love my routines and habits, I’m a sucker for changes as well (strange I know). When they’re good of course. And some of the makeup that’s in my ATM everyday makeup-routine, wasn’t there a a couple of months ago. So, until my next favorites suddenly arrive, here are what my ATM everyday makeup look like:

If there is one thing I’ve learned trough the years, that I think everyone else should know as well; there is nothing like a good primer. And when you find it use it every day. I discovered this one from Giorgio Armani this summer and I’ve been using it every day since. Yes, even without makeup on! This one really leaves your skin smooth by blurring imperfections. Read more about my thoughts on the skin defense primer in this post.

This compact foundation is a must for everyone wanting a high (and buildable) coverage in a natural way. Not only does it actually stay all day, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated yet with its matt finish. Works perfectly for me with my combined skin; no shiny parts at the end of the day, especially when used after the primer. And did I mention the customized puff applicator is perfect for creating the natural look? And that it has SPF 50 which makes it the perfect all-year product?

I’ve already written about howthis Liquid Armani Bronzer has convinced me to never go back to compact bronzers in this post, so here are som words about how I use it. Apply 1 plump on one of your tip of your forefinger and spread out on the rest of the three fingers in the middle (both hands). Then spread the bronzer by tapping on your cheeks, forehead, a stripe on your nose and on the edge of your jaw and gently rub it in. Pssst… Rub the bronzer on your cheeks against you temple to give your face a lift.

This compact blush from Giorgio Armaniis probably the only compact product I have (except eyeshadows), but it’s a great one! Gives the perfect amount of glow and shine in a natural way. I simply just apply it on my cheeks with a brush and rub in a bit. My color is 506.

I’ve sticked to this lip liner (Choc Therapy) from H&M ever since I discovered it two years ago for two reasons; it lasts and it has the perfect everyday shade.


And last, but not least; lashes. I always use a lash curler, not a day without. But the few times I use mascara I’m blessed by Helena Rubinstein’s Waterproof Lash Queen Feline. Lasts even after a swim(!) – and yes, I tested this summer – so you can imagine how well it stays during the day. Gives perfect volume as well.