The Beauty Editor’s Favorites 6 ECOLOGICAL MUST-HAVES

This article contains sponsored products.
I’ve (C) always been skeptical about ecological makeup. Why? Because something tells me it just won’t work. This has of course not prevented me from testing the products, as I like the thought of them and honestly want them to work. Anyways, I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences. We’re talking black rivers poring from underneath my eyes less than an hour after applying mascara and concealers appearing like cracked mud within minutes. Truly, some of the ecological products I’ve tried have been the worst product I’ve tested in my life. With that said, I’ve now landed on some products which are more or less ecological (I know there are some grey zones within this matter) which I just love. These are perfect go-to products on an everyday basis and small enough to be carried around in your bag. Here are my favorite products for a complete everyday look.

We still love RÅ (and if you haven’t read our post on why we do, now is the time). My experience is that they generally provide some seriously nice and also efficient products; my hands were never as soft as when I used their hand soaps and the smell… perfection. Their face cream is just as good. It’s said to be serum reducing and I actually experienced to get a cleaner skin.

This little duo has quite the opposite behavior when it comes to pigmentation: The foundation is modest and really needs to be built up whereas the bronzerhas an instant and strong pigmentation. Despite its more discreet nature, the foundation provides coverage and evens out you skin tone nicely. The bronzer has a gorgeous glow and is one of the best I’ve tried. Together they leave a beautiful, rather natural finish.

I bought this product in Italy this summer and it meets our high concealer standards. It’s creamy, gives a good cover and melts nicely into your skin. I can also recommend their fluid eyeliner.

This waterproof product might be one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever tried. My experience is that it actually stays in place, even on the lower lash line. The consistency is soft enough to be smudged out if you want a softer, more smoky look and the color comes in a deep black which I love. Pssst… I actually prefer to use an eyeliner over a brow pencil for my brows.

Yes, yes, yes! Finally an ecological mascara that works! And it’s great: The color is deep black and gives you that smudgy, edgy look which I love. Besides the RÅ cream, this mascara and Yves Rocher eyeliner are the closest you can get to perfection in my opinion: ecological or not.
Top photo: Vogue Spain October 2017 by Nagi Sakai.