We’re all about romance at the moment – or maybe it’s just me (J) since my boyfriend has been away for a while… Either way, we’re dreaming of a romantic getaway; the perfect spots and a bit different from the usual ones that we’ve already experienced. Of course we have places like Rome, Paris, etc… but we want something different. Unique places. Places that may not strike you as romantic, but must definitely are!
So, either you need a vacation ASAP or later this season these five spots are our favorites at the moment. And if he is never in the mood for planning together, well then you make it a Christmas gift! I mean…
Napa Valley, the heart of California (at least for us wine lovers). This beautiful place is full of wineries and grapes EVERYWHERE. And if you love wine, a fun thing to do is taking the wine train! Yes, a train full of wine. That’s what I call a perfect date. If you’re going there, take a look at the beautiful resort

they have fireplaces in the room and hot tubes made for two – I mean if that ain’t romantic what is?! A must-eat place is Bottega Napa Valley; a popular date- night place. The owner is actually the famous celebrity chef Michael Chiarello.

Just walking around in Granada is romantic itself; the beautiful white buildings with the music from the street artists in the background. A must-visit if you’re alone or with someone else is Carmen de los Martires Gardens, right next to Alhambra. This place is known for being the most romantic public space in Granada. Most of the turist go to Alhambra (a palace) so you won’t meet a lot of tourists (or people in general) there.
The tourism in Turkey has unfortunately gone drastically down. From 2010 the tourism (from Norway) has gone down almost 90 percent… Of course because of all the things that has (sadly) been going on down there. But the country is still so beautiful and absolutely worth seeing – and all in all we can’t and won’t stop living! One of our favorites is Istanbul. The largest city in Turkey offers everything you need + the little extra! Shopping, dining and beautiful nature and architecture. One thing that I fell in love with was the Prince Islands. It’s a cluster of nine islands right outside Istanbul, in the sea of Marmara (beautiful name, right?). The beauty of this is that the island is almost car free, but is known for their horse-drawn carriages or phaetons. Romantic check!
Yes, another wine country – sorry not sorry! Colchagua Valley has over 30 wineries scattered over the region’s colonial towns and haciendas. This is the perfect place to care for your love – and of course make it even stronger! Quiet place, beautiful nature and some of the best wines in the world. If you like hiking, than this is also a place for you; you can walk miles on miles on miles in this breathtaking nature. Psst… And of course don’t forget to bring your bottle!
This place is for the beach lovers! The place is full of big beautiful resorts by the waterfront. One of the most known is Rockhouse. You can chill out all day by the beach or lie in bed in a beautiful bungalow. If you want to do some exploring you have to visit the Royal Palm Reserve or go kayaking along the coast. In the Royal Palm Reserve you have over 300 different kind of birds, butterflies and reptiles. LOVE, I know!