(Affiliate) Yes, 9 garments is the only thing you need for your next cabin-visit (this of course includes your panties AND socks!). We don’t say we don’t enjoy overpacking from time to another, but let’s face it; there is nothing better than having a light luggage. Saving yourself from so much lifting and always keeping two extra eyes on all those clothes and dets! Not to mention light packing actually makes it so much easier to dress (yes, all those options does kill us sometimes…).

SO, it you – like us – have a lot of cabin-getaways in mind this AW season, here are the only 9 garments you need to pack!
Shop our favorites directly through the links below:
Coat from Topshop, sirrup-pants from Acne Studios, knit sweater from Topshop, t-shirt from Weekday, boots from Sorel, socks from Falke, pajamas from Eberjey, panties from Calvin Klein and sunglasses from Céline.
1. A LONG COAT because there is nothing more comfy and chic than wrapping in a long coat this time of the year!
2. STIRRUP-PANTS always comfy yet super cool! Not to mention they’re actually practical for the walks, keeping water, etc.. out of your shoes.
3. CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER autumn means knits and there are no trends like it, as well as there is nothing keeping you as warm as a good wool knit.
4. A T-SHIRT yes, you’ll need one when the fireplace is on – believe us, you don’t want to chill in the heaviest knit when the indoor temperature reaches 25.
5. HEAVY BOOTS because you won’t be lying inside all day long! A good walk is a must – as well as there is nothing we hate more than freezing on our feet. Pssst…Check out all of our favorite AW-boots here!
6. WOOL SOCKS yes, we like the chunky ones as well, but if we where to pack only one all-around pair, it has to be the light knitted wool socks. Super soft, good looking and WARM.
7. PAJAMAS do we even need to explain?
8. COMFY PANTIES we simply just LOVE walking around in only panties, a tee and socks. Not to mention there is nothing like sleeping in the good old «granny-panties»!
9. SUNGLASSES because we always have them with us – you never know when the sun pops out! And of course they lift your look in a sec.