Genius Products THE ARMANI PRIMA

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Every now and then we come across what we call genius products. By this we’re not only talking about products which are outstanding in their category – like the best mascara, but a revolutionary product. Besides some really clever hair tools we’ve recommended earlier, the Armani Prima skincare series have really been the spark to this column. Why? Because it’s designed to help us with a beauty issue we have never seen addressed before (which obviously doesn’t mean it hasn’t been, but…); the fact that glowing skin seems to simply fade shortly after you have applied your foundation.
We don’t know about you, but however radiant we feel when leaving the house, we so often return feeling like we’ve grey mud on our face.
This is where Armani Prima comes in, and in the most impressive ways. The line is simply designed to keep a glowing skin, also on days when you are wearing make up. My two favorites are the Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-In-Geland the Glow-On Moisturizing Light Balm moisturizer. Latter, is really everything I’ve dreamed of. As my skin is super dry I’ve often just wanted to stick my face in a bucket of shead butter – in other words I really can’t get enough hydration – and guess what? The consistent of this cream is the closest I’ve ever gotten to that. This phenomenal product almost turns into water when in contact with the warmth from your hands, melting smoothly into your skin. Together with the serum it leaves the most dewy result, which you can 1) actually see through your make up 2) actually lasts through the day.
I’ve never been as happy with my make up as when I’ve been wearing this. Also for the first time I feel like my face is almost as fresh (for let’s face it, concealer and mascara will never be a 100%) when I return from a long day as when I left in the morning. We are obviously curious about you’re reaction, but to us this is the skin product of the year, yet again: BRAVO ARMANI!
Top photo: Vogue Mexico October 2017 by Hans Neumann