Travel Smart Like CELINE AAGAARD

Photo: 2 Minutter
(Affiliate) November definitely means travels – or travel planning for the months to come! So, if you still haven’t worked on the packing-part, now is the time! We keep on asking some of the chicest ladies we know about their travel packing tips (you know, what to bring and what to leave, how to pack and how not to) and next one out to share some of her best tips is no other than one of the most ‘moving-ladies’ we know; Founder of, Celine Aagaard!
…and yes, you do want to check her out on Instagram if you already havn’t: @celineaagaard_
WHAT’S THE SECRET BEHIND YOUR TRAVEL STYLE? It’s quite schizophrenic – sometimes very relaxed, other times heels and coats! Most of the time I end up with layering, especially if I’m bringing bigger jackets in wintertime – as these basically fill half of the suitcase-space.

WHAT DOES YOUR CARRY-ON LOOK LIKE?It’s big and heavy. For a long time it has been an open Balenciaga beach bag – very inconvenient I know. Now I’ve got one that can be closed and worn without walking around like an old woman.
Most of the time I think I’m going to travel light, but just before departure I always end up hurry-packing more of what didn’t fit into my suitcase – as well as an extra outfit just in case I don’t get my luggage. Other than that a scarf often, along with necessities like sunglasses, mac, comb, a ginger shot, snacks and a notebook.

Notebook from Smythson, comb from Aerin Beauty, sunglasses from Céline and watch from Gucci.
WHAT DO YOU NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT? Sunglasses, water and bathing suit! You never know where the sun shines and swimwear can be used both on land and in water day and night.
ARE THERE ANY SPESFIC GARMENTS/SHOES YOU ALWAYS BRING? I almost always bring the same on holiday – and my style is more bohemian in the summer than in winter. A caftan from Acne, Hermes sandals and a high waist hipster bikini are always included in warm-getaways. So are my dark blue trousers from Totême, some basic t-shirts, a white dress and a men’s dress – right now in brown!

WHICH KEY GARMENTS DO WE FIND IN YOUR CITY-SUITCASE?The city-getaways requires a bit, but the most important thing is to bring garments that works with anything. The Totême pants are with me everywhere – on any travel! And a dress from Lupe I received in Paris as a birthday present. I seriously think I could manage with just the pants – or I’ll come a long way with a pair of jeans, a slim pantsuit and a jacket, coat, dress, some flat shoes, heels, sneakers (although hardly training) cashmere sweaters and swimsuit.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL ACCESSORY?I have to bring a watch. And sometimes I’m such a nerd that I’m wearing two watches when traveling over several time zones so I can easily keep track of time at home and where I am. Also I wear a ‘S’ for my son’s name around my neck and a bracelet he has made for me.

HOW DO YOU PACK TO AVOID CLOTHING-CRISIS AS WELL AS NOT BRINGING TOO MUCH? I try to pack smart! Think of color-codes and garments that can be used together and alone. The palette is black, white, cream, brown and beige – these shades are rarely wrong, but it’s smart to bring anything other than what you think you’re going to want to wear. Suddenly you’re in a different mood than you were when you packed!

Foundation from Nars, cleanser from Zo Skin Health, face mist from Oskia, mascara from Eyeko and eyeshadow from Victoria Beckham
WHAT DO WE ALWAYS FIND IN YOUR TRAVEL BEAUTY BAG?Facial mist, Zo Obagi products, a light foundation, brown eyeshadow, mascara, hair spray and a comb.