Finally (yes, finally!) November, the time when my (J) Christmas spirit starts to shine. Finally I can start wearing silly looking sweaters and sing along to my favorite Christmas songs. In other words, there is no secret I’m a Christmas person; we’re talking Christmas dressing, a lot of Christmas decoration (my home is full of the tiniest to the largest Santa Clauses), Christmas music on repeat and of course Christmas shopping! I really love the gift shopping part, especially when done on the Christmas markets. Not only do you find a lot of cute gifts here, the markets really gets you into the right mood – and it’s the perfect opportunity for a a mini-getaway as well. So if you haven’t finished your gifts already, gathered below are my 4 favorite holiday shopping cities:
Which one is your favorite?
First of all there is Stockholm, a city that I love all year around. But when I’m visiting in December, it really gives me a special feeling. The Swedish people are very welcoming and when they find the Christmas spirit, it’s even cozier than usual. Stockholm is a shopping mecca, with all the shops you can imagine, and the shopping streets are filled with lights and Christmas decorations. But if you’re planning on visiting in December, you must do so in the weekend! Every Saturday and Sunday from the 25th of November to the 17th of December there is a christmas marked on Skansen. And if you’re a Christmas lover like me, that’s something to experience.
Zagreb in Croatia is on my wish list this year. And yes, I know it’s beautiful there in the summer, but just take a look at the pictures; I mean who doesn’t want (or should I say need?) to see that? The Famous Christmas marked in town has even been voted «The Best European Christmas Market two times in a row. The whole city is decorated, traditional Christmas cakes are offered and there are even special programs you can follow to get the ultimate Christmas spirit!
Prague is simply a perfect weekend getaway city. There is shopping, culture and lots of spas and during Advent, the Christmas markets pops up on almost every historical square. They’re filling the squares up with booths where you can get almost everything from slippers to food, and they have a lot of homemade things that you won’t fine anywhere else.
Copenhagen is another fantastic Scandinavian city. The shopping opportunities here are amazing, specially if you’re looking for some Scandinavian design. Copenhagen is actually one of the most romantic places in my opinion, especially during the holidays. The one place that amazes me a lot is the «Tivoli». I mean, wow how they make that place shine! You go around feeling like you’re on a modern North Pole. What more do we need? Nothing!