(Affiliate) Velvet is my (C) sovereign favorite fabric for the upcoming party season; it’s classic, sophisticated and also I think it somehow brings extra spark to your makeup. Latter might just be me, but try it with one of these

and smokey eyes and you might get surprised. Anyways! Being a huge fan of Eric Daman’s styling of Blair Waldorf you might see why I’m the first to embrace one of the big hair trends this fall/winter season: Velvet hair decorations.

And guess what? Despite its history among Constance kids, this can be super cheap. Either you can go looking in your grandmother’s sewing box for a velvet ribbon, or stop by your nearest fabric store. Tie it around your topknot, include it in your braid or, do like Blair; use it as a headband. Gathered below are some inspiration for this super easy, super cheap and super chic lift to your party-outfit.
… and of course here are 10 velvet-favorites of ours:
Crystal Embellished Velvet Bow Pin from CARA, faux pearl-embellished velvet headband from Miu Miu, embellished Velvet Headband from TASHA, bow velvet hairclip from Jennifer Behr, velvet headband from Glitter, buckle Headband from TASHA, velvet headband from Glitter, velvet Bow Ponytail Holder from BERRY, velvet Knot Headband from CARA and faux-pearl embellished velvet headband from Altuzarra.
Top photo:

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