Beauty Sunday THE BROW-FIX

I don’t even know where to start speaking in terms of beauty favorites lately! I’ve been testing a lot, falling in love as well as eliminating, and another product that I’ve heard a lot of great things about, but never testet myself before only a couple of weeks ago, is the eyebrow gel from The Brow Gal. And you know what? The gossip as real as it could be. This gel really gives exactly what it says, plus the little extra; the all-day-long-hold, it’s waterproof (I know an all year around must-have) and it doesn’t leave lumps. And the best part; it’s totally transparent, giving the natural hold and shape we’re all looking for.

So, either you’re going for a run, on the beach, traveling or staying the night away, this gel is what you want to wear and have in your bag at all time. At least I am!

Pssst… I usually never leave the house without at least filling my brows a bit, but if time really ain’t on your side, this one will do wonders in no time, lifting your brows and adding the little extra.
Shop the brow gel here!
Top photo: Vogue Spain October 2017 by Nagi Sakai