(Affiliate) There are so many reasons for why we love the travel beauty column. Not only do we get a sneaky-peak into the makeup bag to some of the chicest women we know, we also get a sense of their beauty-secrets and essentials products to their fabulous looks. It’s therefor super-exciting to introduce queen of beauty: The gorgeous Beauty editor of Costume magazine Silvany Bricen.
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Whenever I travel, I always bare in mind how the air inside airplanes drain all moisture out of my skin. Since loss of moisture ages the skin, l always make sure to bring a good lipbalm and handcream that I even use on my face if I don’t have a facial cream with me.

I have lipbalms everywhere. I can never get enough of them. At the moment I’m loving this one from Norwegian Lykke by Julie. It’s thick and really locks in moisture, and I always rub some around the cuticles of my nails and fingertips.

This hand cream from Nuori has the softest texture and smells absolutely delicious! Because of the pure content I use it on my face during flights if I don’t have face cream in a small jar with me

The first products I make sure to bring is of course facial oil (Omorovitza) and cleanser (Biologique Recherche) in travel size jars. There is a new brand called Moana, which facial cream is my favorite at the moment! It’s liquid, but melts into my skin and really moisture it so I don’t have to bring a serum.

Being a minimalist when it comes to makeup, I sometimes leave the foundation at home, but I never travel without concealers. MAC is the master of colors and this palette really makes signs of any tiredness disappear.

I never travel without a good hair mask. In some countries the water is not as pure as in Norway, so l must always make sure to bring a good hair mask. The new color enhance series from Rahua is so nice, and this mask gives an extra color boost which fantastic, since great hair days makes the journey much more pleasant.