(Affiliate) The day is here! Now, if you get slightly perplexed by shiny commercials and the guilty feeling that whatever you buy today, won’t be used – we feel you. This is one of the many reasons why we love the invention of online shopping; not only can we avoid the obvious stress of queues, but we all know the fellow customers ability to awaken our inner competitive little shopper (or in worst case our Monica Geller).. Last but not least, it gives us a much better overview of what is really out there and how good the deals really are.
Our beauty-strategy is to first and foremost look for Christmas presents, products we know we’ll use everyday (so if you find any Guerlain mascara’s sale-please let us know!) and if there is anything left of the budget, maybe, maybe a little treat. Anyways, however you’re planning to spend your day or money; here is an overview of some of the best shops we know and their deals for the day. And remember what queen B say: Always stay gracious!

If you like us, love perfume – Kicks is a great place to start. The shop is actually throwing a whole BLACK WEEKEND(!) including thrills like 25% on most mascaras and eye makeup removers (this Saturday) and 25% on most MAC products (this Monday).
The Frederic Malle perfumes. Scents on sale from one of the best noses of this century? Yes, yes, yes!

If Shiseido’s moisturizer is working for Sara Sampaio – it’s working for us. Vita exclusive got some amazing offers, 30% off some of our favorite brands like Clarins, Bare Minerals and Shiseido. And even though we’re beyond excited about the Shiseido moisturizer, we also have to mention their lash curler which is truly the best makeup tool I have tested in my life. I thought it was a bit pricy when I first bought it, but believe my it’s a different world from the cheaper version. Love of my lash-life!

On our wish list:
1)We’re all about eye products, especially in the festive seasons coming up. Despite our love for quick- fixers, more long-term solutions are obviously tempting. Both serum and eye cream from Elizabeth Arden are therefore definitely a big dream.
2) Mothers keep your daughters in: ARMANI skincare on sale! This is too good.. If you’re not familiar with the brand this is truly your change off doing a bargain! Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Glow Reviving Tinted Cream – is said to provide glow, moisturise, corrects and unifies, while remaining incredibly sheer. Based on all previous experience the brand- this seems to good to be true!

And a little something for him:

Among our favorite offers are the 50% off all OPI products. This page also include some amazing makeup tools on sale.
On our wish-list:
1) I been wanting to test these oval brushes since I saw them. You can now get your hands on this overnight hit, for crazy 69% off. 10 brushes for 250 NOK? This is every makeup-geeks dream.

Oval brush.

2) This toothbrushis perfect for your the Bonnie Carlson of your crew, or yourself… and everyone you know because- let`s face it: we all love eco-friendly products.

On our wish-list:
Taking skincare into a new level, this classic from Foreo is definitely on our wish list (please, please, please!)
Other sites to check out:
Gives you 25% on all beauty items!
Gives you up to 70 % on all items. Among them exclusive brands like Chanel, Burberry, and Balenciaga.