(Affiliate) Sunday means beauty favorite, and next one out is one of my must-have hair-products at the moment; Moroccanoil’s Blow Dry Concentrate! Since my hair is quite unruly (some days totally uncontrollable…) making it listen can be pretty hard. I don’t mean that unruly hair can’t be beautiful some days, on the contrary it can be super chic! But some days you just know what you want with it, but it just don’t want to listen. Here is where the Blow Dry Concrete comes in as the hair savior!

The hair oil (argan oil to be specific) really saves my fuzzy and sometimes quite curly hair, making it look (and feel) more tamed in a ‘natural’ way. Not to mention it adds the perfect, glossy touch when used on dry hair as a finish. What I really also love about this one – and in general all the Moroccanoils – is that it, compared to a lot of hair oils, doesn’t make your hair greasy and flat. It actually leaves it more voluminous and strong, feeling thicker and fresher. It even protects your hair from the everyday stress and environment which is a huge plus. So is it’s caring and nourishing effect. A real must-have (and the perfect travel companion; both styling, treatment and protection in one)!
Top photo: i-D Magazine Winter 2017 by Zoe Ghertner