At this time of the year we all (or at least we?) need to treat ourselves a little extra. Not only does our skin, body and hair need more care, our psyche does as well – if not even more! Of course we get a long way with some yoga lesses now and then, new tv-series in bed, et cetera, but there is something about the feeling of being away from home. Away from any tasks that might present themselves (and we know there is a lot of them, there is always something to do at home) and the everyday responsibilities. BUT it doesn’t have to be far away from home; an hour is enough! You can get far away within an hour. And we have some specific spots in mind! Yes, we’re longing for a weekend with good friends, wine and spa – a lot of spa – and here are the spa-spots we think we all should treat ourselves with this winter!
When we think of total relaxation and a tranquil getaways Italy simply always pops up. There is just something about that country that makes us relax. The climate, the people, the atmosphere; not to mention the surroundings. And we just found the perfect spot that combines all we love about Italy + the little extra; the spa!
Leyay Resort is a luxury spa resort that offers amazing spa in delicate, modern and relaxing surroundings. Its gorgeous location in Gargnano, the heart of the Riviera dei Limoni, makes it THE place to really just enjoy the casual Italian way of living in a lux way. As well as offering classic spa and treatments, Leyay offers cosmetics, wellness and beauty programs and even health programs.
Vestlia Resort is located in Geilo, in our home country Norway. Geilo is a super popular place for skiing, but if you’re like me and think that skiing is a stupid idea I got the best tip for you! Let the people you’re traveling with risk their life in the slopes, while you take a spa-day all by yourself.
Vestlia Resort has everything from single rooms to luxury apartments and a spa and fitness centre of 1000 square meters. They offer every type of massage you can dream off as well as skin care. Not to mention they have a place called «klimasone» a place for total relaxation and pleasure, here you can find a pool, a quiet room and a jacuzzi.
Pssst… They also have a restaurant there, which is highly recommended.
I mean, OMG! I immediately fell in love. Bangkok itself is a super exciting city in so many ways, and a place everyone should visit, not only because of the spa. Not that it isn’t great; because it’s probably some of the best! So yet another reason to plan a trip and yes, we have a specific place in mind; say hi to Mandarin Oriental!
The hotel has a great reputation for style, service and exellence. You can choose between so many different suites, all with different interiors and personality. This hotel is simply breathtaking (the pictures says it all), and so is the spa.
The quest for good health and beauty through meditation, massage and use of natural herbal remedies is an tradition in Thailand, and that’s what Mandarin Oriental has built its spa on. They have ten different treatment rooms (private), three specially for facial therapy, moroccan Rhassoul, a relaxation lounge and five speciality suites. So, anyone wants to visit with me?
Prague in general is well known for cheap yet super amaze spas, and you can find a lot of different types. If you (like us) love affordable lux, we have the spot for you; Corinthia Hotel.
Corinthia hotels are well known around the world (amazing spots in London, Lisbon, Budapest to mention some) and are know for their aesthetics, service and professional spa. We have to admit that the look of this hotel sells itself – yes, we love beautiful surroundings when wanting to unwind – but knowing you’ll threat yourself all the ways for an amazing price, is there anything better? Check out all their treatments here!