The Fashion Editor’s Favorites 5 PERFUME MUST-HAVES

(Affiliate) If there is one thing I (K) never leave the house without, it’s a dash of perfume. If I do somehow forget it, I feel something is missing, until I realize what it is and I feel kind of ‘naked’. Almost like I forgot an important part of my look. Yes, I do have that relationship with my perfumes; they in a way finish my look and get me in the right mood, or make me feel in a specific way. Confident, dark, sophisticated, mysterious or sometimes sexy. Choosing a perfume is like choosing an favorite accessory that will always make your look whenever you’re in doubt – at least I feel that way, which is why I find choosing the right perfume quite important. Through the years I’ve discovered some favorites that are still on my bathroom shelf (and that will probably stay there for the rest of my life) as well as I’ve got my hands on a couple of new ones that for sure are going to stay for a while!
So, if you’re in a need of a new one yourself or you (as I) still haven’t finished with the Christmas gifts, here are 5 perfume must-haves that you and you loved ones will love just as much as I do!
Perfume from Atelier Des Ors, perfume from Emporio Armani, perfume from Chanel, perfume from Carolina Herrera and perfume from Miu Miu.
Top photo: Vogue UK January 2018 by Karim Sadli