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There’s something very special about exclusive beauty products. The smells, the textures and the excitement you feel every single time you use them – it makes them worth every penny (at least to us!). And, even though a luxurious feeling not necessarily have to cost a fortune, these products are truly small investments which we think deserve a little extra thought. In hope to guide you closer to your favorites and closer to the perfect Christmas gifts to the ladies of your life we’ve gathered three of our very own favorite beauty products (that actually deserves their own posts) for this year and for any year to come. And belive us, these treats are every girls Christmas-dream. Hint hint you last minute-guys out there!

The cream of creams. Where do I start? With the light, delicate texture? With the delicious, clean yet rich smell? And not just that, the productS is rich in so many ways. This cream, which is really a powerful anti-age cream, beautifully firms and hydrates your skin, leaving you with a fresh and radiant result. In defense of a rather steep price, I can tell you that not only do you need a thin layer, I also found out that a thick was a bit too much, so you won’t get into the habit of that – and it will last for ages (To clarify: I feel it simply melted better into my skin when I used only a tiny bit). In other words this cream is pure joy, and I actually look forward to put this on every night (even though how sad that might sound). So all in all: I’m head over heel with this piece, as it’s truly the most delicate cream I’ve ever come across. Give it to someone special, or treat yourself- we really couldn’t be happier.

There is so much to this brand! I’ve chosen to recommend the serum for the simple reason that it (in my opinion) provides an extra spark of luxury. But really there are plenty of other products in their skin series which deserves to be applauded. For those who aren’t familiar with Decléor; it’s an exclusive, yet not that pricey (relatively speaking) brand, offering a range of natural skincare. So there are more than just the luxury to like.. Anyways their special focus on body and mind as a whole can be seen reflected in the serie (among them, the way this oil is recommended to be used, which I’ll return to). But, before I get carried away I should probably explain that these are serums especially designed for different skin conditions. They actually have a saying that the smell you like the most, contains the ingredients you’re body needed the most. Well, mine was… the anti-age serum… Back to the procedure; because this is exciting and I love it! The point of the procedure, as I’ve understood, is to bring the sense of the serum into your everyday life. You simply add three little drops in your palms, put your hands together and smell them. This way you can bring calmness or energy into your day, depending on what serum you’ve chosen. Now, for the more advanced readers out there, you should of course start preparing a little serum-wardrobe. One for each mood, but that’s step 2… Last but not least: The LOOK of this product! It actually looks like they’ve managed to squeeze drops of the sun into these bottles, and I just can’t believe how happy that makes me. So, wrapping it up: This is a present for someone you want to be happy. … could absolutely be yourself… Anyone really…

As some of you might have noticed, we in A Style Journey are quite obsessed with perfumes… But truly, are there any nicer thing? Ok, there might be a few things which are nicer, or more important in life, but if you put those things aside, perfume would be the answer.
I mean, the sense of perfect calm or excitement… It’s all there, if you only find the right bottle. In other words, perfume to us is not just a smell, it’s about the moods they put you into. We’re therefore super-happy about the perfume-culture developing and we’re of course engaging in the thought of developing our own scent-wardrobe. Including everything from the clean smell for work, to the light smells of summer or the more mysterious, deeper smells for this time of the year. And on our journey I got my hands on this piece of art; 27 87 Elixir de Bombe.
For those of you who’re into ingredients I can inform you that it contains tangy tangerine, red pepper and sharp ginger with notes of stone rose and raspberry. If you’re not that well educated when it comes to the discipline of perfume (…that would include ourselves) I can tell you it’s what we would think of as a floral, fruity and sweet scent, and a explosive one! Truly, judging by the clean design you have no idea what’s coming! I’m usually careful with rich smells, but this piece is of a different league. The designer really knows how to keep it sophisticated and luxurious as well as giving us the flower-feast of our lives! If I have this with me, I know my skin will be thicker that day – cus this is happiness captured. So, despite my attempt to develop myself as a sophisticated person of scent, this bottle is with me in my purse for mornings, evenings, work, dinners. Always really and I love every second of wearing it.
Now happy last minute Christmas shopping!